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Watch the most heart melting minute of content ever…supported by science!

To celebrate the launch of AERO Melts – our most melt-in-the-mouth bubbly chocolate treat yet – we have created the ultimate heart melting video to accompany them.

Working with Thrill Laboratories and volunteers, we have discovered which types of video content have the most heart melting effect on our hearts.

We were expecting it to be the infamous airport reunion scenes from blockbuster films that always makes us melt, but we were very wrong. Cute animals and friends dancing together were found to bring the most joy of all the content tested.

We’d love to know what makes your heart melt! Is it when you look back over your wedding album, meeting your family pet for the first time or your child’s first day at school?

Why not share a picture that sums up your most heart melting moment with us using #FeltTheMelt?

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