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100% sustainably sourced cocoa

Learn about our commitment to sustainable cocoa farming practices.

Good inside and out

To make great chocolate, you need great cocoa. But life can be challenging where cocoa is grown. That's why Nestlé developed the Nestlé Cocoa Plan: better farming, better lives - and better cocoa.


The Nestlé cocoa plan is a long-term initiative, aiming to produce great quality cocoa while improving the lives of those who produce it.


When we help farmers improve how they farm, they can increase their incomes. 114,000 farmers have been trained in better and safer farming practices. So far we have grown and distributed 14.5 million higher yielding cocos plants - a key factor in improving farmers' income.


When women and children have access to education, cocoa communities have brighter futures. 49 newly build and refurbished schools in the Cote d'Ivoire region provides an alternative to working in the field and broadens opportunities for the future of children.


When we invest in the source of our cocoa beans, we can make quality chocolate the world loves. By building long term loyal customer-farmer group relationships and providing supply chain traceability to the farmer.

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