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ShAero personalised bars promotion

We're giving you the chance to WIN a set of your very own personalised ShAero bars! You'll get 5 bars of delicious, bubbly AERO Peppermint chocolate, printed with a picture and phrase of your choice*.

Shaero Prize

*Subject to review. UK, IoM, CI, ROI. 18+. Max 1 entry / person, 1 win / household. Closes at 23:59 on 08/07/2022. T&Cs apply.


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ShAero Product Range
Our NEW ShAero range has arrived!

Already looking forward to your next catch up with your bestie? Are you planning your next night in? Or are you simply looking for a little treat to enjoy with your feet up? We have a bubbly, delicious range of AERO chocolate to help make these moments even more special... now available in our ShAero range!

You'll be able to find our ShAero range online and in-stores nationwide for a limited time, where you can choose your favourite personalised chocolate bar for the exact moment you'd like it for. There are a wide variety of personalised phrases to choose from, but the question is... who will you #ShAero with?

If you're looking for inspiration on what little treats to enjoy alongside a cuppa or your next night in, visit our product page to see our range or try one of our yummy AERO recipes.

Want to know what your favourite #ShAero chocolate bar phrase says about you? Then look no further!

  • With my no 1: You're incredibly loyal and loving…your nearest and dearest are lucky to have you.
  • With some bubbly: You're fun, cheeky, and love having a good time.
  • With someone special: You're the one that looks after everyone but no one else compares to that someone special.
  • With my partner in crime: Mischievous, fun and the one everyone wants to be friends with.
  • With my work bestie: You love to chat and are a great listener. Your work bestie can always rely on you no matter what!
  • With the dream team: You're loyal, a great team player and everyone wants to be in your squad.
  • To celebrate: You love to make memories and find any excuse to have a party…AERO is likely to be featured at all your get togethers!
  • To make them smile: You're caring, thoughtful and likely to always put everyone else first.
  • To say "thank you": You're a big believer in "actions speak louder than words".
  • Over a cuppa: You believe a cuppa can solve 90% of your problems and saying "I'll pop the kettle on" is in your daily vocabulary.
  • On date night: You're probably very organised and treasure those special moments with your loved one.
  • With your feet up: Your life runs at 100mph but you're learning how to slow down and take time out. We salute you!
  • With a movie: You have a great imagination and probably have a favourite fluffy blanket that only you can use.
  • On a road trip: You love to seek new adventures and have been guilty of saying "Is it even considered a road trip if there are no snacks?".
  • For good times: You're probably the organiser in your friendship group and have a full social calendar…life is for living after all!
  • Just because: You're incredibly generous and love to treat those around you, even when there isn't a specific reason.
  • For family time: You believe family is everything and love getting everyone together to make precious memories.
  • To say "I love you": You love to show those around you they're appreciated and enjoy watching their reactions.
  • For a night in: You believe that nothing can beat a cosy night in – fluffy socks and AERO hot chocolate are considered compulsory in your life (why not try our AERO hot chocolate recipe whilst you're at it?).
  • Over a natter: Catching up with friends is one of your favourite activities and you can probably talk for a solid 3 hours without taking a breath.

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